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Works of Diving Hong Kong Co. Ltd was founded by Tatsushi Kagaya and Albert Lam in 1989. Our company has gained considerable experience and has achieved much success in the marine industry. It has been involved in many of Hong Kong’s main infrastructure projects, most notably: Lamma Island Power Station Culvert and Intake Chamber Installation, KCRC West Rail Culvert and Intake Installation, Central Reclamation Phase Number One, Cyberport Submarine Outfall Installation and most recently subcontracted for the DSD contract for the building and civil maintenance to DSD plants and facilities.
The company collaborates with China Guangzhou Salvage who can provide further offshore equipment and human support, such as a 900 ton lifting capacity barge, Remotely Operated Vehicles, and deep-sea divers.
Works of Diving Hong Kong Co. Ltd. provides a quality service for all aspects of underwater construction, protection, maintenance, repair, demolition and inspection.  The Company provides extensive experience in management, design assistance and execution for a wide range of marine and underwater applications. To assist with this broad scope of capabilities the company owns a derrick lighter, tug boats, high/low pressure compressors, CCTV and other plant capable to suit different tasks.
As a sign of our commitment to providing a quality service Works of Diving Hong Kong Co., Ltd is a member of the Association of Diving Contractors (International), an organization concerned with safe working standards for the diving industry, and in August 2006 our quality management system was certified to comply with ISO 9001 : 2000 by Certification Asia (HK) Limited
Albert Lam has more than 30 years commercial diving management experience and has rich knowledge of marine engineering. Works of Diving Hong Kong Co., Ltd is a full service multi-disciplined underwater engineering company committed to providing outstanding client service.
Works of Diving Hong Kong Co. Limited now has a branch in China named: 匯通水下工程應用(深圳)有限公司 This branch carries out diving work along the Greater China coastline, and is an equipment supplier to diving companies in the area.
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