2901 Metropole Square
Shatin, N.T., HKSAR

ROV Operations

Since 2014 we have been promoting the use of our ROVs to dive on structures too hazardous  or inaccessible for human intervention. Here are our ROV Operations to date:

Complete ROV Work Experience
Job No. Employer Contract Description
2014-108 Shinewood Construction Co., Ltd Castle Peak Power Station

Town Water & Reserve Feed Water Tanks Refurbishment.

Internal inspection of water storage tanks by Sealion ROV.
2015-075 Shun Yuen Construction Co. Ltd Contract No. DC/2012/01

Building & Civil Maintenance & Minor Works

to DSD Plants and facilities (2012-2016).

Inspection to Shatin submarine outfall by ROV.
2015-104 Arup Sham Tseng Submarine Outfall. Condition survey to submarine outfall and emergency bypass with ROV.
2015-121 Chun Wo-CEC Joint Venture Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme Stage I – Principal Collection & Treatment System. Inspection to existing box culvert for Effluent Water Discharge at Stonecutters Island.
2016-138 CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd Castle Peak Power Station, Station B

CW Outfall Inspection.

CPB outfall culverts inspection – ROV.
2017-106 Paul Y Construction Co. Ltd Contract No. DC/2016/02

Building & Civil Maintenance & Minor Works

To DSD Plants & Facilities (2016-2020).

Shau Kei Wan  PTW Outfall Pipelines.
2017-116 Welcome-Riseway JV Contract No. DC/2015/02

Drainage Maintenance & Construction in

Mainland South Districts (2015-2019).

Inspection to the collapsed portion inside Waterloo Road deck nullah.